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Mother and Daughter Meditating

Birth & Parenting Transitions

No matter what happens, birth is a transformative experience. Preparing your mind will allow you to be present in the experience and embrace this exciting step. 

I teach practical tools & techniques you can use before and during and after labour to feel more relaxed, reduce stress and improve your well-being. This leads to positive outcomes for parent & baby.

We bring all of ourselves to the experience of birth, and sometimes that means our fears and beliefs based on past experience and history. Working together we can clear out anything that is causing anxiety or anticipation to help you feel more present and relaxed.

Our minds are powerful, and you can tap into this power by using self-hypnosis to manage emotions, sensations and discomfort during labour and delivery. 

You can also build connections with your baby by sharing and receiving messages using hypnosis during our sessions. This is a beautiful opportunity to strengthen your bond with your baby before they arrive!

And after baby is here, adjusting to your new identity, managing your emotions, staying calm & finding innovative ways to feel energized, refreshed and get sleep can all be helped through hypnosis!

Pregnant Woman

Over the course of several sessions leading up to your birth, we can work on any of the following based on your goals:

-stress reduction & nervous system management

-clear out negative fears, beliefs or past traumas (including past birth trauma)

-create new, positive beliefs about birth and parenting

-set you & your birthing partner up to use hypnotic techniques during labour & delivery

-reduce pain & teach techniques to minimize or release pain and discomfort

-have an experience of connecting in with your baby

-support the emotional shifts involved in the transition to mothering identities

Optional: An additional option is a "Welcome Baby" session where you and your partner or another family member will have a shared hypnotic experience plus reiki healing to connect in with baby together using hypnosis & energy healing. Please email me directly about this option if you are interested in this as a standalone session.

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