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Hypnotherapy Session

Clear & Shift

Hypnotherapy sessions are for any issue, problem or goal that you may want to work on. We work together to determine a plan for the sessions, using gentle, supportive hypnotic techniques and an understanding of the mind-body-brain connections to help you achieve your goals.

I have worked with clients on issues such as making a major life or career change, overcoming burnout, stress, parenting, setting boundaries, releasing habits (e.g. food, smoking), physical issues, and bringing closure after grief and loss. My hypnotherapy sessions also incorporate principles of neuroscience, mindfulness and stress release techniques.

This process works by changing limiting patterns of belief that are operating in the subconscious (autonomic/limbic parts of the brain). We often know that we want to make a certain change in our life - act, think or feel a different way - but for some reason we can’t or don’t make the changes. This is because on a subconscious level our mind is still operating an old, outdated pattern that we no longer need or want. Hypnotherapy helps to ensure that all aspects of our minds are working in alignment toward the same goals. Because we are inducing a state of highly focused, inner attention, we are also more likely to uncover answers, make decisions and get clarity. 

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