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Stress, Anxiety & burnout

When our bodies are overwhelmed by stress, they are often stuck in a constant state of activation (fight or flight) with few or no opportunities to move into a calm state. Even when we take time to "relax", our thoughts keep spinning and our nervous system stays activated so we don't get true rest.

Sometimes we experience "shut down" which feels like anxiety, detachment or fatigue, because we find the amount of stress overwhelming to our nervous system. 

If this resonates with your current experience, you are likely looking for a way to create more balance & sustainability in your life. You may also be re-examining what's most important to you but feel unsure about how to make changes.

​My approach focuses on the two most effective ways to clear out stress at the root - our nervous system & our subconscious mind.

It starts with tuning into our own physiology to optimize & restore our central nervous system - which is the control room of our stress response.

Then, we clear out any subconscious beliefs and patterns that are holding our thoughts and minds in a state of stress, and replace them with what you want to think & feel instead.

My sessions give your brain & body an opportunity to truly experience deep and restorative rest. The techniques you learn will help you to bring that feeling into your every day life whenever you need it.

I can help you to:

  • feel more calm, relaxed and present

  • set more boundaries with your time & energy

  • let go of perfectionism & worry about judgment of others

  • get clarity on what you want more of, and what to let go

  • make changes in your life to feel more energized & aligned

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