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Inner Fire  Mini Hypnotherapy Session

Feeling disconnected from your inner self? Do you feel that your unwanted thoughts and feelings get in the way of knowing yourself? Use this session to connect in with your own inner sense of self, and help your brain to distinguish and respond less to unwanted thoughts. We know are not our thoughts. Our thoughts are something over which we have influence and control. This session uses hypnotherapy techniques such as imagery and suggestion to help your subconscious mind understand this at a deeper level. The overall effect is to strengthen your connection to your inner self, and your ability to control your own thoughts to bring more peace, calm and intention to your life.

Background music is - Longer Way To Go by Miguel Johnson | @migueljohnsonmjmusic
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Erasing Stress and tension

Use this technique to change the mental representation of whatever is causing you stress in your mind. Shrinking down the mental imagery, and making it disappear, allows your brain to decrease its threat response in relation to the imagery, and the stress response in your body calms down.

Magic Marker for Pain

Use this technique to shift away sensations of discomfort and pain.

Colour Technique for Pain

Use this technique to create a numbing sensation to reduce and eliminate pain and discomfort.

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