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Our Services

60 minute Foot Reflexology

Enter into a state of deep rest and relaxation with a 60 minute treatment. Foot reflexology supports a variety of positive health outcomes for any issue you may be experiencing. It works by supporting your body's systems to return to balance, improving circulation, reducing nervous system activation, and encouraging the release of toxins. Treatment is done fully clothed (shoes & socks removed) while reclining. It is a great opportunity to help your nervous system begin to learn how to shift into a calm, relaxed healing state when overstimulated or anxious.

45 minute Foot Reflexology

Same as the 60 minute treatment, of a shorter duration. Still effective, just less time in bliss :)

Nervous System Support

Add on to your reflexology series, or as a stand alone! This 90 minute session begins with identifying the change you are looking for - whether it is reducing anxiety, releasing stress, getting better sleep, changing a habit or behaviour. We then work through how your nervous system states may be impacting you, and use a combination of somatic and hypnotic (visualization) techniques to  release stuck patterns of thought or behaviour. The goal is to feel a shift in how you feel & respond going forward. The number of sessions required depends on your goals. These sessions are based on the following principles:

  • We can learn techniques to shift us out of overwhelm  day to day

  • Understanding our unique nervous system gives us back control over how we react  

  • Changing subconscious thoughts that activate us releases unhelpful behaviours and patterns

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